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Please note: The following links are offered as a free service of The Small Business Office and they should in no way be viewed as affiliates (except where noted) or partners of or promoted by The Small Business Office. We do not endorse any of these sites and cannot be held responsible for their content. These are, however, all sites that we’ve used before and whose content proved helpful to us. We thought these resources might also come in handy to other small businesses and that is the sole reason why we’ve provided them here.

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General References:

Online Tutorial Resources

Basic Guide to Essay Writing and The Penguin Handbook and


Back to College: Academic Research Great Books Online -- Encyclopedi...

French, Italian, Spanish Dictionary

Dictionary - World Book Dictionary

Internet public library Encyclopedias, maps, online library

MSN Encarta - Dictionary

MSN Encarta - Encyclopedia Article Center

MSN Encarta – Thesaurus

McGraw-Hill/Dushkin: Dushkin Online: Research L...

Merriam-Webster Online - Library

Virtual Reference Shelf - Selected Web Resources

World Factbook-Distributed by SchoolResources.Com

Yahoo! Directory Search Engines and Directories

The Official U.S. Time Clock


Free Online Calculators & Mathematical Helpers:

401(k) Savings Calculator

:: World Wide Metric ::


AlloyTech Inc. - Metric Conversion Utility

Conversion & Calculation Center

Conversion Solution

Essentials of Statistics - Student Area

Estimating a population standard devation or va...

Eulers Constat: Calculator - values of equations using e

Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators Foolish Calculators

GCalc -- Free Online Graphing Calculator

Graph - Investing and Finance Calcul...'s Mortgage Calculator (thank you, Jim S., for this link!)

Mortgage Calculator (thank you, Sarah, for this link!)

Quadratic   Equation   Calculator

Resources | Calculators and Converters

Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator


Weights and Measures - Yahoo! Reference

Welcome to MathXL

AAA Math



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